Population control? Half a million elderly people go missing in China every year

China isn’t exactly the pinnacle of morality, but news regarding the shocking number of missing persons cases they deal with is more than enough to raise some eyebrows about what is really going on behind the scenes in their country. For a country with such a strict and horrific population control policy, one has to wonder how far the powers that be are willing to go in order to keep the sheer amount of people in check.

According to a survey released by Zhongmin Social Assistance Institute, roughly 1,300 elderly people go missing in China every day. While some of these can be explained by natural issues that come along with old age — such as Alzheimer’s and dementia — that still leaves thousands of people whose disappearances are completely unexplained. Sadly, nobody in a position of power seems to be asking any real questions about what is happening in China.

Neil Connor of The Telegraph reports, “Elderly people in China often rely on their children for emotional and financial support, and caring for parents is considered the most sacred of Chinese virtues. But decades of economic growth have led many of today’s younger generations to focus more on their careers than their parents’ welfare.”

Again, that explains some of the disappearances that have occurred in the country, but certainly not all of them. You have to think that evil forces are at work when it comes to thousands of people just up and leaving the plane of existence. Specifically, there are loads of unanswered questions, but it isn’t jumping to conclusions to believe that whatever is responsible is extremely sinister.

And this is the country that Hillary Clinton recently claimed was worth looking up to. Yes, a communist hellhole where old people are made to disappear is something that the leftists of the world believe is worth working towards. Something has to give if the world at large thinks there is anything positive about this.

America needs to remain a capitalist democracy if we are ever going to achieve greatness again. We cannot keep pretending that it’s acceptable for anyone to promote communist ideals that support terrifying population control measures that are straight out of a horror movie. This is nothing short of frightening and should be a source of outrage. If we want to defeat the globalists, we have to be honest about what they are trying to do. We have to demand answers.